Being growth minded takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m talking mentally. It’s very easy to fall off the wagon and forget to post, forget to take a picture, have an idea and forget to notate it. It happens to me 10x a day, but everyday I still come up with an idea, take pictures, and post what I can. I can easily take that as punishment and hold it against myself. “I’m never going to be successful. I never post. I don’t post enough.” It’s all backwards thinking – literally! You are looking at the past. But instead, turn the thinking around and try again.

To me, growing means taking responsibility for not only your actions but also for your thoughts. You can control the way you see things and you can change the way you see things negatively. Once you recognize your perspective, and confront the way you’re thinking, you start to realize what triggers happiness and what triggers pain.

If something is causing you pain mentally, physically, or emotionally, take a step back. Take some time to see if there is another perspective that doesn’t dim your inner light. Then react, the same way you’d react to something that makes you smile. That’s it! You found the key to growing your mind in a positive direction 💡