Opportunity is in YOU

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Opportunity is available to people much more than they believe so. Growing up, I always limited myself because I was told that I can’t have everything I want and I need to be “realistic”.

That’s a lie.

Opportunity lives where you live. In the same house! You get the point. You can have everything you want, but just how bad do you want it?

I want to share my strategy of getting what I want and when I want it. First, you need to think your idea into existence. Thinking negative or limiting thoughts won’t get you anywhere. You are your biggest competitor so if you start off by thinking YOU won’t be able to do something, you’re right. You probably won’t. Start by changing your thought process. And then deal with the challenges you foresee getting in your way.

Challenges will always come up, always. No matter what type of idea you have, and no matter how much money you need or think you need, you’ll always be faced with hurtles. And you need to overcome them in order to succeed. This brings me to the second step of the strategy. Make a plan. Write your idea down.

I’m serious.

Writing helps you organize your thoughts. And it helps you discover more thoughts that can potentially be challenges. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you write down a one pager of notes and BOOM. You made it! No, you need to continue writing throughout the whole processes. Document everything you do. All of the money you’re spending. Where are your expenses going and where can you save. It’s important to keep track of everything as you begin your process. Whether it’s writing a book, starting a blog, getting in shape, buying a dream house, or just paying off some debt. You can make all of it happen with a plan.

A plan is simply a way for you to discover what it will take to make your opportunity go from dream to reality. When you come up against challenges in your plan, write down ways you can overcome them and if it means starting a new plan, do it! You’ve heard of growing pains, right? We’ll get used to them.

Now attack!

You have to find the confidence in yourself when you think there’s nowhere left to go. If it takes talking about it with other people, overcoming insecurities, or just simply working on self-love and appreciation, work on it. You have to believe in yourself before any of this can happen. And remember, opportunity lies in you so stop looking for all the answers in other people’s opinions. Self-doubt often comes from the outside but can only be fixed from within. The door is half way open, you got this!

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